EB-1 Green Card

EB-1 green card
EB-1 green cards for people of extraordinary ability

EB-1 Green Card

The EB-1 green card is reserved for an exclusive group of people, and it likely will not apply to 99% of all applicants. By definition, it applies to individuals of extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, education, businesses or athletics; or outstanding professors or researchers. Only those in the very top of their respective field, as demonstrated through sustained national or international acclaim, will qualify for this green card. Unlike EB-2 and EB-3 green cards, the Canadian applicant does not need an employer to file a petition on his/her behalf.

So who are these individuals? There is no restriction with respect to education or profession. It can be anybody who is one of the very best at what they do: a Michelin-award winning chef, an Olympic medal-winning athlete, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, a Juno-award winning singer/songwriter, a published author, a renowned professor, or an Academy Award-winning actress.

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