Canadians in USA

Visa and Green Cards for Canadians Moving to the United States

Call or email us if you are moving from Canada to USA and have questions on immigration visas or green cards.  Below are some of the most frequently asked questions by Canadians who want to immigrate to the United States:


  • Can Canadians still move to the U.S. during COVID-19?
  • Who do Canadian green card holders apply for a re-entry permit because of COVID-19?
  • Does the Public Charge Rule affect visa or green card applications for Canadians?
  • How does a Canadian married to a U.S. citizen apply for a green card through marriage?
  • How does a Canadian who is engaged to a U.S. citizen apply for a K-1 fiancé visa?
  • Does a Canadian who wants to start or buy a business qualify for an E-2 treaty investor visa?
  • Can a U.S. citizen sponsor a Canadian parent, child or sibling for a family green card?
  • Can a Canadian apply to naturalize as a U.S. citizen?
  • Do Canadians apply a TN visa at a port of entry?
  • Are Canadians eligible for an H-1B visa?
  • Do Canadians need a sponsor in order to get an O-1 visa?
  • How do Canadians transfer to a U.S. office on an L-1 visa?
  • Can a Canadian married to a U.S. citizen in a same-sex marriage apply for an LGBTQ green card?
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