Visas and Green Cards for Canadians Investing in the U.S.

Canadian citizens have two options to invest in businesses in the United States in exchange for a work visa or a green card. These two options are the E-2 treaty trader visa or the EB-5 green card. Which one of these two you want to apply for depends on your individual needs, resources and situation. There are several advantages and disadvantages to each one, which are outlined as follows:

If your goal is to simply live in the United States, the more viable option would be an EB-5 green card through a Regional Center. An investment of $500,000.00 gets you and your family an immediate green card without the need to start up a company or to oversee operations.

If your goal is to start up your own business operation, then an E-2 visa would be ideal unless you have a significant amount of money to invest - in which case a $1 million EB-5 green card may be appropriate.

Advantages of an E-2 visa

Disadvantages of an E-2 visa

Advantages of an EB-5 green card

Disadvantages of an EB-5 green card

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